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Monday, May 2, 2011

Promote your blog posts on ping for free

Once i was promoting my blog on web, then i went through a website from there i got a tip of promoting blog posts easily. Then i submitted my blog to two pinging services and its result is pleasantly very amazing.

It is the most effective way i found on web to promote my blog posts is to ping. A ping is literally a very simple and easy way of letting specific search engines and other websites know that you’ve updated your blog. So by just pinging your blog, you can submit your blog posts to many search engines. The most wonderful thing is that it takes no much time, just in seconds you can ping your site.

pinging service
This doesn’t cause a noticeable difference right off the bat, but it will attract search engine spiders to your website and will help get your new blog post quickly indexed. It also takes about 30 seconds so it’s well worth the effort. Some popular pinging services are Ping-o-Matic! and pingoat Both of these pinging services are completely free and easy.

pinging service
Here is the list of ping services. The more you ping the more traffic you get on your blog.

pinging service


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